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Sarafina and the Old Well


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“Dig Up the Old Wells,” is what she heard. Sarafina had no idea what this phrase would uncover right in her own hometown. Join Sarafina as she uses her gifts of painting and dance to Dig up the Old Wells!


The one line which will definitely stick yo your mind while reading this motivational book is “Dig up the old wells”, the life-changing phrase heard by Sarafina which transformed her life and inspired her to dig up the golden light which was waiting to discover inside her.

Georgia LeFlore, the author, sparkles her faith, trust and love in her great writing skills, motivating children to never lose hope and always believe to be faithful in life. Author’s stories encourages youngster to be confident, strong and to dream big.

Her books are among the best children motivational books which enhances hope and well-being in current generation kids through her great enthusiastic stories. Among her bestseller books, the book “Sarafina and the old well” in which Sarafina, a little girl is exploring her gift of art to reveal the untold history that encircles the old well in her hometown.

This inspirational children picture book, uncovers the bright light which Sarafina wanted to reveal through her painting. Looking towards her dedication, her grandmother Elizabeth and her friend Cornelius joined in her treasure journey to know the beautiful mystery of her inner light.

This storybook is the popular children picture book which is being published online for the kids to motivate them in their life’s adventurous ride.


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