Children's Inspirational Books
Become that shining bright star in your school, in your neighborhood, or wherever you feel the need for a little joy, love and laughter.

Children’s Inspirational Author

Good deeds flow naturally from the light inside.

Georgia LeFlore’s inspirational story books encourage young readers to act on their innate desire to do good. Her stories beautifully illustrate children discovering their inner light as they overcome doubt and fear to spread love and joy.

It is my desire and hope that every child and parent who reads these story books will understand that there’s a Light in this dark world. Each of us has been given the opportunity to receive and use this special gift within us, and to remove the bad things wherever we go, if we only BELIEVE!

Georgia LeFlore

Georgia LeFlore

Georgia LeFlore is a former caterer and restaurateur from Sarasota, Florida. She is the proclaimed author of children’s books and owner of Loud Light Publishing. Georgia is the daughter of retired Major League Baseball Player Ron LeFlore and mother Emma Julia Sara Garrabrant. She resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her two beautiful children Bella and Carter.

Georgia currently is a property manager in Fort Lauderdale. She is a strong supporter and mediator in her community. Georgia has a love for singing and considers her greatest attributes to loving others through joy and laughter.

Georgia puts her faith, trust and love for Jesus Christ first and attributes all of her success to trusting in him. In her journey of seeking God and the purpose for her life, she has discovered her calling through sharing God’s love through storytelling.

 Her most recent works are Sarafina’s Water Dance and the anticipated sequel Sarafina and the Old Well. Ms. LeFlore’s first release, Sarafina’s Water Dance, was a Grand Prize Winner in the Broward County Local Author Contest and is now a proud staple at the renowned African-American Research Library & Cultural Center as well as a myriad of libraries throughout Broward County.

Since a very young age, Georgia has had a passion and desire to encourage others through her writing. She has always known that her purpose in life is to instill hope in others, particularly young people and to help them overcome obstacles in their lives. Her diverse background and being of both African American and Puerto Rican ancestry has allowed her to reach a plethora of both children and adults through her creative writing and community outreach.