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Mr. Potter's Toy Store by Georgia LeFlore

Mr. Potter's Toy Store

This is a story about an amazing, super cool, extraordinary, and mysterious toy store.

A Very Special Visit

Mr. and Mrs. Potter’s grandson was coming to town. This would be the first time he had ever visited his grandparents’ store, so this was a very special visit.

The Choo Choo Train

Sebastian and Mr. Potter hopped on the choo choo train located on the first floor. This little train is what they used to transport customers from floor to floor.

Mr. Potter's Toy Store Wonderfully Made Dolls

Wonderfully Made Dolls

He suddenly felt a warm sensation come over him. Sebastian knew what toy she needed. He imagined dolls that looked just like her.

Sarafina and the Old Well

Join Sarafina as she uses her gifts of painting and dance to “Dig up the Old Wells!”

Sarafina and the Old Well Children's Inspirational Book

Dig Up the Old Wells

That night when Sarafina was asleep, she had a dreamt that she was sitting on the swing on the back porch and she heard a voice say, “Dig up the old wells.”

Sarafina and the Old Well Children's Picture Book

Follow Your Heart

Sarafina felt the urge to paint. She never knew what she would paint. She would just allow her hands to flow with the brush and paint whatever was in her heart.

Mr. Potter's Toy Store Wonderfully Made Dolls

The Power Inside You

She got up and began to dance. She danced all around until she couldn’t dance anymore. When she was finished, something was DIFFERENT.

Sarafina's Water Dance

Sarafina is a beautiful and exceptional little girl with an extraordinary gift.

Joy & Happiness

Whenever she walked into a room, the entire room would illuminate and a sense of happiness and joy filled the air.

Bright Star

The Power that is inside of you will guide you in all things, and will cause you to do things that even you thought were impossible.

Truly a Mystery

There was something very mystical happening as Sarafina danced – it seemed to change everyone around her for good.